For most people, even for many wine experts, Portuguese wine is uncharted territory. Aside from Port, the occasional bottle of Vinho Verde, or even Mateus Rosé, it’s rare to stumble upon Portuguese wine outside of a specialist shop. Even then you’re only really likely to find a few bottles of Portuguese wine and so few, that Portugal is rarely even given its own section: normally they’re lumped in the Spanish section.
Portuguese wine is definitely worth exploring, though. For serious wine lovers, it’s an exciting country to navigate as the wine is usually made from grape varieties that aren’t really found anywhere else in the world.
It’s also a wine that’s likely to appeal to bargain hunters. Portuguese wine doesn’t command the same prices that other European countries do and your money will go a lot further if you buy Portuguese rather than French, Spanish, or Italian wine. At Pinto Wines we do have a great offering of Portuguese wines and if you find that you need help to explore this section, the Portuguese guy behind the counter will be more than happy to help you with your choice.

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