The Spanish wine scene is incredibly diverse and an immense number of different wines are made in the country. You have the red wines (Vinos tintos),different styles of white wines (Vinos blancos) and sparkling wines (Cavas or Espumosos). The wines from each region are highly intertwined with the cultures of their respective regions. Each wine reflects its region’s climate, geography, history and cuisine of course. Spain in the last 10 years is going through a sort of wine renaissance, where winemakers are reviving old vines and exploring their regions and the uniqueness of each, passing that to the flavour profile of the wine. If you have a inclination for white wines, you will find that Rias Baixas Albariño or a Rueda’s Verdejo, or perhaps a Godello will catch your attention. On the reds, Tempranillo comes to mind from La Rioja or even Ribera Del Duero. But let’s not forget the Garnacha’s from Priorat, the monastrell from Murcia, the Bobal from Valencia. The list is endless… I can assure while Rioja wines are still great, the rest of Spain has caught up to them.

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