Nemea – Greece

The PDO Nemea (ΠΟΠ Νεμέα) wine production zone was established in 1971 and it is the only Greek PDO appellation which is spread over two different prefectures.  Most of the vineyard area lies in the south-central part of Korinthia, while a small percentage of land extends in the northwestern part of Argolida. 17 different communes/villages are entitled to make Nemea wines. These are: Aidonia, Ancient Kleones, Ancient Nemea, Asprokambos, Galatas, Dafni, Kastraki, Kefalari, Koutsi, Leontio, Bozika, Nemea, Petri, Titani and Psari in Korinthia and the communes of Gymno and Malandreni in Argolida.

The “Phliasios Oenos”, a renowned wine of antiquity, was produced in the same landlocked area which consists nowadays the region of Nemea.


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