More and more wine producers are adopting organic winemaking as the way forward, and they are stunning wines out there. There are many reasons why people enjoy organic wines. For some, it became a way of life, for others it just “feels right”. The old fear ”I don’t trust organic wines” or ”They all taste the same” is disappearing, with more people converting to organic wines as there is more knowledge, greater quality and a heavily regulated market that will certify these wines. We brought you a case for any occasion with easy drinking 6 bottles. They say natural wine can be tricky to understand, well no expertise needed with these wines. An essential mix of light, low sulphite, crisp fresh white and a soft, pleasurable red. All organic, all vegan, all tasty. No need to drown in the complexity of natural wine, just try these and enjoy.

Bardos Rueda Verdejo –  This artisan verdejo is part of the reason the Spanish Rueda region has become quite popular. Made unapologetically, you will find yourself like a true “Bard” drinking this wine. Delicious!

Sepp Gruner Veltliner – All Sepp Moser wines have been organic (and all estate wines biodynamic) since 2007. Delicate aromas of pear, kiwi, apricot and white spice. On the palate stone fruit flavours and white pepper lead to a gently textured, mineral and citrus finish.

Combel La Serre L’Epatant Antidote Rosé –  100% French Malbec (known in Cahors as Auxerrois). The vines are 40 years old, grown on clay and limestone soils. Fermentation and aging take place in small tanks.”The Splendid Antidote to the Heat of the Causse” is the amusing and appropriate name of this refreshing rosé. (The Causse is the high limestone plateau around Cahors, which gets brutally hot in the summer.)  The wine shows a pretty pink/orange color and aromas of ripe cherry, raspberry and cassis with citrus and spice. It precedes a palate that is both fleshy, suave and savory, with formidable gluttony. Both easy and winey, it’s an absolute delight!

Roche-Audran, ‘Nature’ Còtes-du-Rhône – Vincent Rochette comes from a long line of grape growers rather than winemakers up until 1998 when he bucked that trend by investing in a cellar and the necessary equipment to allow him to vinify his own grapes . He uses only natural products in the vineyard and carries out all his work in keeping with the cosmic cycles of the earth, not only among the vines but also in the cellar. One of his most interesting cuvées is the Côte du Rhone ‘Nature’, which has had no sulphites added at any stage of the winemaking process. Due to the fact that sulphites are naturally present in grapes, there are still 9mg present (below the legal 10mg limit which is required to state that the wine contains sulphites), an insignificant figure compared to the conventional levels found in most wines. The result is a wine that is simply a pure expression of Grenache, Carignan, Syrah and Mourvèdre. Harvesting, racking and bottling are all carried out in accordance with cosmic rhythms.

Pitti Pittnauer Red – High on the hills of Austria there is more than just a lonely goat herd – there is also a fantastic winery, considered one of the country’s best. Pittnauer has a long winemaking tradition in the region, and in 2006 moved to more biodynamic practices. The results are delicious, environmentally friendly wines with years of experience behind them. Now prepare yourself for some varieties you’ve probably never heard of – Pittnauer’s Pitti Red Blend is made from blaufränkisch and Zweigelt grapes with a small quantity of Merlot added to the mixture.

Filipa Pato Dinâmica Baga 2019 – Filipa Pato is the confirmation of the old saying “son of fish knows how to swim”. Although she followed the footsteps of her father Luís Pato, Filipa went on her own and started a project in 2001. The success was immediate, and soon she rose to the status of one of the most brilliant winemakers in Portugal. Her wines are the result of Filipa’s innovative and brilliant spirit. They were quickly at the forefront of national and international criticism. Dinâmica Baga is a wine that, due to its proximity to the sea, presents an intense, complex and elegant aroma with a touch of fruit such as strawberry and plum, nuances of liquorice and notes of spices such as black pepper, bay leaves and thyme, and balanced acidity. In the mouth it is fruity, with a beautiful structure and velvety texture, with a very fresh and inviting finish.