Domaine Durrmann Rouge de Pinot Noir Nature


This wine is imported exclusively  for Pinto Wines.

The Durrmann estate is located in the municipality of Andlau, in Alsace, an ancient medieval village in which vines have been cultivated for more than a thousand years. The winery was created in 1979 with some vineyards owned by Yann’s grandfather, who was a shoemaker. The lack of experience in the wine sector was a disadvantage as they had to start from scratch, but also a big advantage as they were able to immediately differentiate themselves from tradition and move towards the most natural agriculture possible with a push “of thought “very innovative.

As André expanded the domain into what it is today and managed to collect a beautiful vineyard property (more than 8 hectares now), he been working completely organically since 1998, but he also applies permaculture principles to achieve the greatest possible biodiversity in the vineyards. For example, he planted trees among the grapes. He does not plow the vineyards, because he thinks that would disrupt soil life. At most he mows the grass. In winter he lets his own small flock of sheep graze the vineyards. To keep it within the vineyard, he has fenced off all his plots with mesh and fences; This also helps to keep wild boars – which appear to have a great preference for organic vineyards! – at bay. André cruises through the village in an electric car, powered by electricity he produces himself (because he refuses to use electricity from a nuclear power plant). His wife Anna cooks vegetables and potatoes on two large dishes in the courtyard that catch the sunlight and heat the pans. Anyway, you get the picture.

Son Yann has now taken over the domain and more and more cuvées are now made completely naturally. Not filtered, and without added sulfite. They also still make some cuvées with sulphite, because they do not want to alienate the large private customer base that buys at the door. But most customers respond positively, so they will steadily expand the nature range. Even Rieslings from Grand Cru vineyards are now being marketed as natural wine. Taste this next to the sulfited version and you will notice that the terroir in the natural version comes out even better!

Perfect at room temperature in the winter, slightly chill it in the summer. Serve with white meat or light nibbles or on its own!!Delicious and to come back for more





Tasting Notes from Pinto Wines

Colour Fluorescent red
Nose Complex blend of red fruit and rocky mineral aromas with a hint of spice

Fact Sheet

Size 75 cl
Grape Variety 100% Pinot Noir
Alcohol % 11.7%
Style Light bodied Pinot Noir. Dry
Estate/Producer Domaine Durrman/Anna, Andre et Yann
Country France
Region Alsace
Vintage 2021
Vinification Harvested by hand and de-stemmed. Macerated for 4 weeks and fermented with indigenous yeast in stainless steel. Aged in tank. Bottled with no fining or filtration and just a touch of added sulphur
Closure Natural cork
Cellaring/Ageing Potential Can age but not meant to age

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