Hello my enthusiastic brethren or should I say Oenophilians! (I’ve just butchered the word a lit bit but I am sure you can relate to it).

Wine Oenophilia is a love of wine. In the strictest sense, oenophilia describes a disciplined devotion to wine, accompanying strict traditions of consumption and appreciation. Wine lovers are also known as wine aficionados and connoisseurs. Its the people who appreciate and collect wine, particularly grape wines from certain regions, varieties or production methods. Maybe someone like you…

So in the spirit of Oenophilia, I have put together 6 wines for those wine aficionados that want to push the bar a little further and feel excited. Here you have 2 whites, 1 bubbly and 3 reds, all of them are totally different from each other, underrated, unique and perform superbly in their own categories.



Celler del Roure Cullerot 2019- This “orange” wine from Valencia is produced by  Pablo Calatayud from Celler del Roure and let’s say he brought the entire winemaking process back to basics. This is a blend of six different grapes, of which three of them were revived from ancient vines that were no longer in use. The setting is in an ancient country estate outside of Moixent, in the Valencia region. For centuries this was a farm producing grain, almonds, olives and grapes for the production of olive oil and wine. This farm contained a large, stone, olive press and extensive subterranean cellar with dozens of intact 17th century amphorae. It took a few years of research and restoration but Pablo is using these clay vessels to make wine once again. Cullerot, which means tadpole, is the white that Pablo makes in the old cellar utilizing Verdil, Pedro Ximénez, Macabeo and Chardonnay from vines ranging in age from 15–70 years old. Whole cluster pressing, natural yeast fermentation and aging in amphorae seems familiar, but it is in fact, timeless.

Moment of Silence by Blankbottle – Blankbottle is not bound to a specific wine area or wine style. It’s from many different vineyards, scattered across the Western Cape of South Africa, different regions, micro-climates, soil types, and ultimately leads to different wine styles. It is driven by quality, adventure, excitement and mystery. And at the centre of it all, are the guys in the vineyards, viticulturists, winemakers, family, friends and Blankbottle fans. Stunning, all rounder there is nothing you can fault in this wine. Aromas of candied lemon, cooked apple and mango with a core of minerality. Soft and voluptuous, it has a lovely ripeness and a fleshy, creamy mouthfeel, which leads to a perfect tangy freshness giving some zip to its otherwise mellow feel.

Filipa Pato 3B Sparkling Rosé- The Filipa Pato 3B Sparkling Rosé is a delicious treat of a wine from one of my favorite winemakers in Portugal. Filipa Pato is the daughter of arguably one of Portugal’s most famous winemakers, Luis Pato. She is also married to a very famous Belgian Sommelier William Wouters. Despite of all of these influences, she is a fantastic winemaker in her own right since 2001. Filipa became famous when she deviated from the local traditional methods and started producing unique wines out of local indigenous grapes (Baga & Bical) that are biodynamic with minimum intervention and true to themselves and their terroir . Filipa’s mantra is ‘vinhos autênticos sem maquilagem’ – Authentic Wines Without Makeup.  The color of the 3B Rosé is a beautiful light pink. It’s soft on the nose, with light yeast, mineral, rose and strawberry aromatics. The palate is quite dry, with firm mineral flavors complemented by lemon and light raspberry. The mouthfeel is fantastically bubbly. It’s a very tasty, mineral-centric sparkler.

Niepoort Voyeur 1 Ltr- Never a winemaker to shy away from experimentation, Dirk Niepoort has spent the last few years trialling amphora vinification. This is the upshot of those experiments: the first release of a field blend of old-vine red and white grapes, which spent eight months fermenting and ageing in six 1000L clay amphorae. One of the aims of the project was to reset expectations of Douro reds – all power, body and muscle. Instead, Voyeur is all about freshness, lightness and elegance, clocking in at only 12.5% alcohol. There is plenty of complexity here, partly from the sheer number of varieties in the blend; partly from earthy amphora notes. But what’s most striking is the pure red fruit and delicate florality of the wine. Chill slightly before serving and savour the freshness.

Susumaniello IGP Puglia – The winery “i Pàstini”, located in the heart of the Valle d’Itria land, strives to maintain the wisdom of traditions even with modern winemaking techniques, thus managing to obtain the best of enology Puglia has to offer. The vines are imported from nearby Dalmatia, which is one of the most important indigenous vines of the Brindisi area. Its name (there are several theories) is due to the fact that, a long time ago, the young Susumaniello plant was particularly productive, so much so, that it was overloaded with bunches as if it were a donkey. This unknown wine is underrated but will impress for its uniqueness and test your knowledge on how wine in general should taste like. This is a succulent and voluptuous wine with intense aromas of coffee liqueur, dark berry fruits and cocoa.

Chat Fou Côtes du Rhône by Éric Texier – If you were ever sceptical about Organic wines, you have to give this one a try! This wine is Artisanal, Organic, Biodynamic, unfined and unfiltered. All with the aim to do as little intervention as possible and to let the Terroir speak for itself. Eric Texier Chat Fou natural red wine is a coupage of Grenache Tinta, Clairette and Marsanne, from the well known region of Côtes du Rhône.Eric Texier is a vigneron from Brézème, a municipality in the northern area of the Rhone Valley. For every occasion, red and white meats, charcuterie and to impress your other half.