Kopke LBV 2015


The wine owes its name to the port city of Porto, but comes from the Douro Valley. Here you will find one of the most spectacular wine landscapes in the world with terraced vineyards on steep slopes. It is scorching hot in summer, freezing cold in winter. The Douro Valley was already demarcated in 1756, making it the oldest regulated area of ​​origin in the world. Port itself is a fortified wine. By interrupting the fermentation by adding wine alcohol, the wine retains its residual sugars and also gets its relatively high alcohol percentage. Port does not stand for a single wine, but for a whole series of wines. Wines with very different styles and tastes due to differences in the blending and aging of the base wines.

In 1636 Nicolau Kopkë settled in Portugal as ‘consul general’ (a kind of representative) of the Hanseatic League, a partnership between merchants and cities, during the Middle Ages. Two years later, the first bottles of wine were shipped to Northern Europe. And when Nicolau bought a farm in the Douro in 1781, he changed from buyer to producer. Port wine soon became the focus of the company. Kpke now is one of the oldest Port Wine House. Recognized by the variety and distinction of its Ports, Kopke represents in XXI century a symbol of quality and prestige.

LBV stands for Late Bottle Vintage and is the result of single year’s harvest of superior quality, aged in oak Vats. Balancing the intensity of flavours, the Late Bottled Vintage Port is the ideal choice to serve with main courses of meat, like filet mignon encrusted four peppers and veal cutlet with Bérnaise sauce. Its versatility knows no borders, being perfect to combine with an exuberant cheesecake of chocolate mint, a pear and chocolate mille-feuille or simply to enjoy with cheeses of medium intensity.



Tasting Notes from Pinto Wines

Colour Opaque and deep ebony colour
Nose  Dominated by notes of ripe dark stone fruit and hints of cacao and chocolate, already showing the signs of some cask ageing
Palate A full-mouth and involving sensation with very rich and juicy flavours of wild fruits. Full bodied and tight showing good acidity, fresh tannins as well as a long and intense finish

Fact Sheet

Size 75 cl
Grape Variety Touriga Nacional,Touriga Franca,Tinta Roriz,Sousão
Alcohol % 20%
Style Full-bodied Port
Estate/Producer Kopke/ Pedro Sá
Country Portugal
Region Douro
Vintage 2015
Vinification Hand-harvest at their best moment, the grapes are destemmed, crushed and vinified in a careful maceration with extraction of colour, tannins and aromas of the pellicles, complemented by permanent pumping-over during fermentation. This process takes place in vats at a controlled temperature between 28-30ºC, until reaching the desired Baumé. At this phase grape brandy is added (benefit), originating a fortified wine. A wine of an exceptional quality, from a single harvest, bottled between the fourth and sixth year after the harvest
Closure Natural Cork
Cellaring/Ageing Potential Great Potential to age if stored in the right conditions


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