Magoutes Moschomavro


Magoutes winery, run by Dimitris Diamantis, is located in the old but forgotten region of Siatista in the mountains of northern Greece.  Here vineyards have been abandoned and then revived centuries ago. The city of Siatista is nestled on the slopes of Mount Siniatsiko. The soils of the vineyards are limestone-based which adds elegance and acidity to this ruby-hued red wine. Moshomavro means ‘black muscat’ but is no relation in parentage or flavour!

Lovers of of Beaujolais or Italian reds like pelaverga, rossesse or schiava will find a lot to appreciate in moschómavro, a variety historically interplanted with xinómavro and others in the western Macedonian mountains. Make sure to open this well in advance to get the full show, as a couple of hours of air will bring out its best qualities.

It’s the ideal wine to pair with a cheese and meat board or fish. It’s also lovely with a slight chill on a warm day.




Tasting Notes from Pinto Wines

Colour Bright Ruby
Nose Fresh red fruits and dried herbs
Palate Smooth and elegant, with soft tannins and bright acidity

Fact Sheet

Size 75 cl
Grape Variety  100% Moschomavro
Alcohol % 13%
Estate/Producer D.IPap winery siatista
Country Greece
Region  PGI Siatista, Western Macedonia, Northern Greece
Vintage 2021
Closure Natural cork
Cellaring/Ageing Potential

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