Wine is cheaper than Therapy!  We put together these great wines, 3 whites and 3 reds that would put a smile on anyone’s face, any day of the week. These wines can be enjoyed with or without food, but we always recommend a nibble.

On the whites:

Muralhas Vinho Verde – Monção e Melgaço has been producing wines and recognized for it since Roman occupation times, but was with Afonso III, 5th King of Portugal(1210-1279) that signed a ”Foral” that conceded Monção e Melgaço habitants the owners of the local wine and therefore they produced it with pride as they do today.

The wine is made from the Alvarinho (predominant) and Trajadura varieties, indigenous to Portugal and the region, more specifically. The dry Muralhas de Moncao Vinho Verde never seems intrusive, but is soft, elegant and harmonious with no wood whatsoever. The wine goes well not only as an aperitif, but also with salads, seafood, fish dishes and white meat.

Vitese Colomba Bianca Grillo Biologico- Grillo is the flagship of Sicily’s indigenous white varieties, with its aromatic and floral nose. Fresh and harmonious on the well-structured palate, the Vitese Grillo has a long and elegant finish. Lovingly white, Lovingly good !!

Bardos Rueda Verdejo- This artisan verdejo is part of the reason the Spanish Rueda region has become quite popular. Made unapologetically, you will find yourself like a true “Bard” drinking this wine. Delicious!

On The Reds

El Castro de Valtuille Joven – Made by the great Raul Perez. Fresh, mineral-tinged redcurrant and cherry scents that show very good clarity. Tangy, focused and pure on the palate, offering intense flavors of bitter cherry and red berry preserves.  Shows a light touch that’s quite pinot-like, along with a touch of smokiness that carries through a long, mineral-driven finish.  If you want to show somebody what the Spanish region of Mencia smells, feels and tastes like, serve this one.

Ribeiro Santo Tinto Reserva – This winery was an ancient property of the local priest, surrounded by a stream where water flows all year round, so it was named “Quinta do Ribeiro Santo”, which means “Holly River Estate”. This wine from an undiscovered region in Portugal (Dão), will impress.With extreme elegance and an intensely aromatic character, it highlights wild fruit aromas seasoned with balsamic notes and nuances of vanilla. It presents juicy tannins and great acidity. The wine has plenty of weight but without being too over blown..It’s versatile and easy to drink on any occasion.

Tank N32 Primitivo Appassimento IGT – Couldn’t finish this wine case without bringing out the guns. This passionate and very well intended Italian red impresses with its perfect combination of elegance and strength. The bouquet reveals aromas of ripe cherries, juicy plums and dried fruit. In particular figs, dates and raisins come to mind. Has a dense and concentrated character. The pleasant and equally subtle residual sweetness gives this red wine a wonderful velvetiness. The long finish of Tank No 32 is carried by delicate notes of nougat and dark chocolate.