Wine Tasting Evenings

Duration: Approximately 2 hours

Day: Any day Saturday to Thursday (the shop is open during your tasting)

Presenter: Rogério Silva (EHTP) / Balázs Rakamazi (Wset level 3)

Flight of Wines: 6 different wine samples. We will leave the wines with you, enjoy them fully and pick your favourites after the tasting.

Straight after your event we will also offer a discount on any wines in the shop to anyone in your tasting group.

Type of Wines: We will tailor to your preferences, otherwise we can make it interesting, but guidance is always needed, i.e., whites or red or mixed, region, grapes etc.

Food: There will be some nibbles with the event (Nuts, Olives, Cheese and Cured Meats), but they are not sufficient to replace a meal, but rather to complement the wines during the tasting.

Pricing: Price includes the wines, and all materials needed to do the tasting, and most importantly Balázs’s services

To confirm the event, a deposit of €10/person needs to be paid at least a week before the tasting to hold the date.

*Deposit is non-refundable



FINE WINE SELECTION €60 per person

*Please note that there is a 4-person minimum.