Terms & Conditions

Here is what they call the fine print. We believe in a practical and honest system where you will enjoy not only the quality of our products but also purchase them with ease!

Pinto Wines will not knowingly sell or deliver alcohol to anyone who is or appears to be under the age of 18 years old. By placing an order through our website, you are confirming that you are at least 18 years of age. Pinto Wines reserves the right not to deliver if we are unsure of this and a refund will be made (see refund policy below). If you are buying wine through our website or by phone, we will only be able to deliver if the person receiving the wine is 18 years old or more.

-We will make every effort to ensure orders are delivered on time, all delivery dates are estimates and not guarantees. Most of our deliveries will be delivered by our staff, however, depending on the delivery areas, we may be at the mercy of courier networks, especially at peak times.

-If your order or part of your order is broken in transit, we will issue a refund for the broken items or arrange a replacement. Should your order arrive in any damaged condition we ask that you either refuse the entire delivery or note down the damage with the delivery driver when receiving the goods. If you sign for the goods without doing this, we ask you to give as a call as soon as you notice this and provide evidence in a format of a photo or we will assume that they have been delivered in good condition.

-In a rare situation where the wrong wines have been delivered to you, we will replace them (subject to stock availability) or have them returned to us and issue a refund. You will not be liable for any additional delivery charges.

-If you choose to pay online and collect it at Pinto Wines’ Drumcondra location, we request you bring with you a proof of purchase with your photo ID, otherwise we will not release the goods.

-If you are not at home at the time of the delivery, it will be left according to instructions given to us at the time of the purchase.

-We have a firm belief that we all are reasonable people and upon your request for the courier to leave the wine in a safe place if you are out, you are accepting full liability for receipt in good condition. If no instructions were given to leave your wines in a safe place, we will leave a non-delivery card so you can arrange with us a re-delivery at the next possible time.

-Our services include one attempted delivery and redelivery. If you are unable to receive our wines on the second occasion, you may need to pick them up from our location in Drumcondra or pay for further delivery.

– We take our environmental footprint very seriously and most of our packaging will be re-used cardboard from our own suppliers. We will only use the ones in prime condition that are suitable to carry your wine. All the other boxes that aren’t in good condition will be recycled to minimize our footprint.

All our prices are inclusive of VAT

-We reserve the right to alter the prices of individual wines, products, and promotions at any time without notice. This should not affect purchased products.

-There is no minimum order but any orders within Dublin City and County Dublin below our advertised €65 minimum will incur a flat fee of €5 delivery. This policy may change over time and will be updated here and in other parts of our website where it is advertised.

–Any orders outside Dublin and County Dublin will incur a flat fee of €15 delivery independently of the order size. This policy may change in the future.

-Vintages in stock will be subject to availability, as you may know, certain Vintages have a finite amount of stock and depending on how popular a Vintage may be, it will impact its availability. If there is a specific Vintage that you are looking for, we will try and find it for you but it may take time.

-We do not sell outside of the Republic of Ireland.

Where is my wine?

-Please allow up to 7 days for your wine to be delivered. If your order goes missing or is damaged or is delivered beyond the 7 days after your purchase, we will arrange for a new delivery replacement or a full refund of your choice.

-When you give us your credit card or debit card details using our payment process online you are confirming that you are the cardholder, or that you have permission from the cardholder to use the card for the purpose of ordering the wine online. We will cancel any order that fails our credit card fraud checks, or on the advice of our payment provider, the issuing bank, or the cardholder.

-If an order is shown to be fraudulent, we reserve the right to contact the Gardai and cancel further orders by the same customer. For your own safety, we reserve the right to contact your card issuer for the purposes of carrying out security checks.

Out of Stock

We will work to avoid out of stock issues but often due to unforeseen circumstances, this may happen. Please bear with us and we will get it back in stock as soon as possible or suggest a replacement for you.

-Please note we are not obliged to fulfil your order if the product is out of stock. If we do find ourselves in that embarrassing situation, we will call you and provide you with a solution that would suit you. If that fails a full refund of the products missing will be made.

-Some wineries understand that certain Vintages will be different, even though they may use the same standards of production year after year. This impact encourages them to vary their labels accordingly with the Vintage. Please be aware of this when you order your favourite wine or a wine that you know of.

-When you place an order online you will receive an order confirmation email. This acknowledges that your order has been received but not confirmed. Confirmation is subject to stock, payment, description and price verification and validation. Once this been carried out, we will send you a dispatch confirmation email, and at this point your contract to purchase is complete. If there is any issues, we will contact you. We reserve the right to cancel any order at any time until the contract to purchase is complete.

Refund/ Returns and Breakage

-There is a small chance that human error may occur on pricing or certain vintages. You may receive a different vintage from what you have ordered. We will do our utmost to avoid these unique situations. However, if this does occur, we will suggest an alternative wine/vintage or refund your product if not delivered. If the delivery has occurred, we will collect the product free of charge and refund it in total. We will seek and work with you to find the most suitable solution to fulfil your order and to maintain your experience as a customer to as high a standard as possible.

-All our products on our website are subject to availability and they correspond to our current stock in our warehouse and shop. Should it occur that a wine or other product was purchased but is currently out of stock, we will contact you directly and inform you of this before we send out the delivery. We do have enough options to replace your wine and in case you are not satisfied with the replacement/suggestion, we will refund your purchase.

Corked and faulty wines

-On a rare occasion where wines purchased from us may be corked or faulty, we will issue a credit or refund on the return of the bottle in question. where the conditions below are met.

-To qualify for a credit the wine must have been purchased within the last 3 months and not damaged or improperly stored. If you suspect a problem, reseal the wine in the bottle and contact us within 48 hours.

-We may make arrangements to have the bottle returned to us for testing.

All fine wines (above €60) are not covered by this policy and will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

-All credits/refunds for corked or otherwise faulty wine are issued at our sole discretion.

Customer comments, ratings, and recommendations

-Our aim is to deliver a great customer experience and provide a great and friendly service whilst we do it. To achieve this, we have staff with years in the wine and hospitality business who understand that although sometimes we cannot please everyone, all we can do is try. With Pinto Wines being a new business, we will grow and hear all feedback, good or bad, so we can continuously improve and deliver our services. That being said, please understand if you post a comment on any of the public walls around the site, your comments will be in the public domain and will therefore be visible to everyone who visits the site. Please remember this when making comments and please refrain from offensive, rude, or intimidating comments. Honesty is indeed our policy, but it is best delivered politely. We all make mistakes, and we are a hard-working team who do our best to sort things out, so please bear with us if we get something wrong!

-Pinto Wines reserves the right to amend or delete any inappropriate comments.

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