Wines for your Special Day       

Organising your special day can be a daunting ordeal. With so much to think of, from the guests that matter to you, the venue, the dress, the food, entertainment, flowers, the team that will be behind it and finally to budget it for it all. This will be stressful for anyone on any given day.

Whether your group is small and intimate, looking for a large feast and celebration, or a memorable corporate retreat, our aim is to facilitate and with our expertise in wine, together we can pick what suits you best according to your event choices and budget.

Let us help you

Picking wine for an event can feel like a big job, with so many beautiful varieties out there, how can you choose a crowd pleaser? Generally speaking, it’s a good idea to pick at least one red wine and one white wine. To add a bit of extra to your event, you can complement these with a bubbly or why not a sweet wine with your desserts? Not to worry, we will help you choose. That is our job!

We can arrange a sit down and go through your menu and your preferences and do a tasting before you choose anything. This can be a fun day on its own!

It will be worth it

Prices in bulk will always be cheaper comparing to retail direct sale and especially buying straight from the venue, even with corkage! Not only will it be less expensive, but you will also get more for your money. Wine on your special day needs to pair well with your menu, satisfy your guests and fit your budget, but it also needs to reflect and complement who you are.

All our wines are carefully selected from a wide range of the world’s greatest regions. We work with small wineries across the world and we have in store some fun, interesting, edgy wines and crowd pleasers that will cater to any of your choices.

Order with peace of mind

We will help you order the right amount, and we will commit to accepting the return of up to 20% of unopened bottles, if that will give peace of mind to order those extra bottles of wine “just in case”.

Depending on the venue, you may need to supply glassware when you bring your own wine. Having a party in your home? Very few of us have enough glasses to cater for large parties. We offer free glass hire with event orders, so having enough wine glasses or flutes won’t be a problem for you. This free hire is subject to a fully refundable deposit. However, glasses must be returned washed and unbroken. Please note you will only be charged for individual glass breakages.

Call us today

As you know we provide free delivery with any orders over €65, and we can deliver the wines to your home or any other address that you wish to be delivered to ahead of your event.

Browse today through our online shop and give us a call or contact us by email, as prices shown will not reflect the prices for you event.